Do you have a website? I know how intimidating the thought of creating and managing a website can be.

Having a website and a web presence is a must for your business if you hope to gain new clients and be competitive in today’s market.  Like most people, the first thing that I do if I want to find out about a business is to Google them and if I don’t find a web presence for them then I start to question the legitimacy of that business.  Whether is is right or wrong it is  the reality of the way that our society is today.

You may have heard horror stories of websites that cost THOUSANDS of dollars to have built and are too complicated for the average person to manage.  It DOESN’T have to be like this.  You CAN have a completely functional and easy to manage website for a reasonable price!

I will build you a basic four page website starting at only $600!  That is an investment in your business that you can’t afford not to make!

Please click on the images below to view some of my work:

snowpine village website
TSC of the Niagara Frontier website
clay silvernail lawyer in Ellicottville website
core performance fitness in ellicottville website
morningstar rental property website
elisa hughey scholarship
allegany rustics furniture website
city garage ski shop website
silvernail engineering
ellicottville rentals by owner website

*** Please note that most of the sites featured above have customization’s and additional pages.

“Connecting with Heather J Sullivan Consulting Services has given me the motivation and confidence to take the online aspect of my independent business a step further. With Heather’s fresh ideas and knowledge of what works, what doesn’t work, and the various options available to help grow my business name’s popularity, I now have a clean, professional website ( that is very attractive and user-friendly. Heather is enjoyable to work with, easy to communicate with, and offers a high level of insight to web and social media platforms to which I am already seeing a positive response. Thank you Heather!”

-Brenda Perks, DesignPerks of Ellicottville- ForeGolf NY, PA

Lets get started on creating your website today! Email or call me now for more information and  to set up a meeting for a customized quote.


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