Not enough time to build a website, manage your Social Media campaign, market and grow your business all by yourself!?!   I get it…YOU are a small business with limited resources and YOU are doing all that you can!  A website, Social media, and marketing… how could you possibly do more for your business all by yourself?  You are already working your tail off and there just aren’t any more hours in the day.

However in this day and age you CANNOT be competitive if you DO NOT have a web presence.

That’s where I come in…

I am not some big, expensive, impersonal firm…I am a small business just like you and I want to HELP YOU GROW YOUR WEB PRESENCE TO HELP YOUR BUSINESS GROW.

My background as the Media and Communications coordinator in a not-for-profit Chamber of Commerce environment allowed me to work very closely with small businesses and to gain an understanding of the unique needs of the small business owner.

In my previous position, while I was setting up and managing very successful social media, website and marketing campaigns  I was interacting and working with many small  business owners who had an almost non-existent web presence.

Website development, Social Media and online marketing are a HUGE resources that you could be utilizing to help you GROW your BOTTOM LINE!

Do you think you don’t know the first thing about the WEB or that managing your email is about all you can handle or do you think you know “just about enough to be dangerous”?

I am here to help!

I am a one-on -one customer service oriented company.   I offer INDIVIDUALLY TAILORED, COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZE-ABLE packages to suit every budget and fill all of your social media and marketing needs.

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